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Isy the Diva Xolo

Weeeeeellllll, I just got my cursing allotment in for this month. Confused

As many of you may know, there are just those dogs that no matter what you do, say or TRY to do, who will always find a way. Isy is one of those dogs. She is scary smart, scary strong, and just will not accept that there is anything she cannot do, have or eat. Wink

So it is normal for me to let them out to potty several times a day. I have a 6-foot wooden privacy fence and buried chain link all around, plus fenced front yard to catch wayward door-darters. I also have more than one double slider along the rear of the house so I can see into the back yard from several points in the house. I do not leave the dogs unattended for more than a few minutes (to grab a phone, to run to the bathroom myself, etc), and I am usually right there watching, bc well, they’re stinkers.

So today I had to run inside bc nature called and then I darted back outside. I see 3 of them, but this is not unusual bc Isy usually runs over to where the garden is to see if she can breach the garden , which has separate iron fencing. Rolling Eyes

Anyhoo, everyone comes running save Isy. I go to get her. What I find both infuriates and scares me to death. Apparently in those few minutes she’d gone to my side gate, which is actually a double-barricaded exit. Meaning I have black aluminum fencing AND the existing large wooden gate. Well, somehow Isy had DISLODGED the large aluminum gate and KNOCKED IT OVER (it was lying on the ground, folks) and DUG UNDER THE FENCE, gone directly for my trash cans, tore into them, grabbing this and that and dragging it back inside (thank goodness for her hoarding instinct) where she’d commenced to eating it as fast as she could. I wish I had a photo of her standing there when I’d come around the corner, the “Oh CRAP!” look on her face Shocked and the piece of paper towel hanging from her lip, whipping along in the breeze.

Shocked Shocked Shocked

I can’t believe it. We couldn’t put the chain link under the gate, so I guess I am going to have to figure something else out. For now I’ve put large walkway pavers in several rows between the gates. I can’t believe she didn’t run off somewhere. And the others dogs, too. OMG I still have visions of them running all over the neighborhood, getting run over or caught by some big dog or stolen by someone. Sad

I have had my scare for the day, thank you. What a rotten turd!!!!!! So now Miss Isy is a jailbird, looking at the world outside longingly.


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Ever since I was a child I have had a keen awareness of nature and spirit.  I have always loved the woods, the sun filtering through the trees,  the wind rustling the leaves above, the feel of the breeze.  I always knew not to take it for granted; that it was special and magical and as a result spent a lot of time as a kid walking old beaten paths (or maybe they were not-so-old beaten paths ;-)) through the woods, hoping to find something of the Native Americans that were present here long before.  One of my most prized possessions was an Indian arrowhead I’d found buried in the dirt whilst playing with a friend at the age of five or six.  There were archaeological dig sites here and so from a young age I wanted to be an archaeologist and uncover what life must have been like for those that were here before me.  What did they believe? I wondered.

My interest spanned to Egyptology.  I took a profound interest in their pantheon of gods and goddesses and longed to see the pyramids.  The Celts fascinated me from an early age as well.  I absorbed anything I could get my hands on from the Emerald Isle, vowing to one day see in person its green hills and castle ruins.   England’s pagan past captivated me just as much as Ireland’s, and I read countless books, watched every documentary that came on television, and dreamed of the day when I could see all these places in person.  Next I read about Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism (which I must admit I didn’t know squat about until I discovered Rick Springfield had named one of his albums Tao, and well, Rick was THE MAN so I had to see what this was all about) and then made my way across the entire occult section at my local library.  What I eventually found was a faith and a history richer than I could have ever imagined, reaching back to the beginnings of life here on earth.

I struggled with Christianity, as many do who ultimately choose a pagan path.  The things I write here are my own experiences and opinions.  I think it’s important to reiterate that I am not against Christianity or those who choose to follow it. Everyone has the right to believe what they want and not be persecuted for it.  I was raised by Christian parents and attended church, albeit irregularly, and it wasn’t long before something just didn’t feel right.   Intolerance of others, conflicting messages and faith based on power and fear seemed to be the order of the day.  I sat and listened and became more and more uncomfortable.  It wasn’t long before I’d formed opinions about religion as a whole and my own spirituality.

So instead of going to college and becoming an archaeologist or an expert on world religions, life took me in a different direction.  Busy with the everyday tasks of life, there was a long while where I did not make the time to read much; to really seek growth for myself spiritually and as a result I was stagnant for a time.  I did pray, but I needed to do more.

As I sit here I am trying to remember the first time I actually set up an altar.  I have always been big on symbolism (ask my mother–I had a virtual shrine to my favorite rock bands in my room as a teenager ;-)) and perhaps as a little girl I had several accidental altars, but I think my first conscious effort at putting together an actual working altar was when I was 19.  It was one of those small wooden tables you get at the dollar store with the legs that screw into the bottom.  I covered it with a piece of black material and went about the business of decorating it with candles, my crystal and gemstone collection, my tarot deck and various other bits and pieces.  I remember being very proud of that little altar.

I struggle with regard to exactly what I will write about my experiences with faith and religion, because obviously it is a personal thing and here I am putting it all out there on the internet.   I don’t feel I have to hide, per say, but being a pagan in modern-day society one does tend to feel the blight of history and its intolerance of pagan religions (or anything that might be perceived as pagan or not of the more openly accepted and recognized Christian belief system) once Christianity was firmly rooted.   In the past it meant death.  In some parts of the world it still does.

So whether this is the first of many posts where I talk about my own experiences and views or just re-post various articles or items of interest, I just don’t know.  I guess we’ll see where it goes.  😉

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I always get excited (as I know other cd’ing moms do) when that big poofy package comes in the mail.  Today I was doubly delighted to receive both the used Blueberry covers I’d purchased from another mama off of diaperswappers as well as the new Kissaluvs I’d purchased off of ebay.  The Kissaluvs I’d received in the mail the other day were terry cloth; these are fleece and oh-so-soft.

The Blueberry covers are $16.95 each brand new.  I got these–which are in pretty good shape–for $10.00 each ppd (postage paid).   The deal on the Kissaluvs was even better, since these are brand new and I got them for $9.95 each from ebay as opposed to $13.95 each/$12.95 for unbleached as priced on Kissaluvs.com.   Sometimes you can find even better deals.  There is even a section of  diaperswappers entitled “FFS” (Free For Shipping) where all you have to pay is shipping.  You can also do outright trades with other mamas.  In this case, I used paypal funds from selling off diapers that didn’t fit any longer in order to purchase bigger sizes.   I’ve utilized the site for years.  It’s definitely worth checking out if you are considering cloth diapering your child.

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I finally made it to the newest farmer’s market in our area.  It is being billed as the “Green Market” and is on Tuesday nights.  An odd time for a farmer’s market if you ask me, but it appears to be drawing quite the following.  I’d been trying to make it there for the past several weeks and finally decided that today was the day.  We do have a closer farmer’s market, but they do not offer organics.  This particular market appeared to have a pretty good selection of organic fruits and vegetables.

So along with fruits, vegetables, herbs and even orchids, there were tables with homemade breads, organic soaps and shampoos,  handmade hair accessories and clothing, sauces and even a hydroponics demo.  It was a pretty cool farmer’s market.  The produce was a bit on the pricey side as compared to larger local chain stores in the area, but I am looking forward to trying what I bought.  The middle photo constitutes my entire purchase, which totalled $17.

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So today I will be trying out a new farmer’s market.  Kinda my version of the hunter/gatherer thing, at least until the garden gets going again.  I prefer to buy local whenever possible, and if there is a farmer growing organics anywhere near me I’m there.  There’s nothing like fresh-from-the-farm produce.  I love the farmer’s market; their prices are usually quite good and their products even better.  There is a smaller one close to me, however, they do no carry much in the way of organics.  Rumor has it that the farmer’s market I am going to visit today will have some organic produce.  I hear it’s a nice one, so hopefully I will come home with some goodies.

For now I’m off to get myself ready for a Girl Power visit.  🙂  I’m meeting a dear friend for coffee and to chat a bit before heading out to the market.  She’s also an Aquarian–like myself–so there is little need for me to censor or explain myself, which is nice.  😀  It’s very important for women to get together and support each other.  It’s not the easiest thing to do especially if you have children, but it’s worth it.  It can help to relax and recharge you.   I know I could use a little of that.   I wish every day could be a Girl Power day.

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Today has been a gorgeous day.  A bit on the windy side, sunny and about 73.  So of course I’ve tried to get as much laundry done and out on the line as possible.  On a trip in from the line I noticed the mailman.  As I am expecting a few deliveries of fluffy mail, I excitedly went out to see what Mr. Mailman brought today.

And behold–a package!

It was 3 Kissaluvs fitted diapers I’d purchased from another mama.   For those not familiar with cloth diapers, fitteds–like prefolds–require a cover as they are not waterproof.  I’ve used them in the past, but each kid is different, so we’ll see how it goes this time around.  I also bought some Blueberry Coveralls (diaper covers) and am excited to try those, too.  Those haven’t arrived yet.  Can’t wait!

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