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So we’ve been discussing keeping chickens for over a year now.   We consume a lot of eggs, and I only buy organic eggs, so you can imagine how much moolah we shell out over the course of a year.  Chickens are inexpensive, fairly easy to care for and they will provide you with fresh eggs.  I tell you, the thought of going out back and getting my eggs from my backyard just thrills me to pieces.

I’ve chatted up a few chicken-wise friends,  done some reading and research and even taken a look at the chicks the local feed store has to offer.  I’ve taken a look at a lot of coop designs and am continuing to read up on the best methods for keeping said coop as clean and odor-free as possible.  I think we’re going to start with 3-6 girls.  No roosters for me, although the thought of payback (one of our neighbors has yappy dogs that bark starting at about 4 in the morning) has crossed my mind.

So I’ve gotten to the point now where I’ve figured out what I’m going to use for a brooder and where it will go,  so now I just have to collect a few supplies and then get some chicks.  Seeing as most chicks you get from feed stores are about a day or so old, I’ll have a little while to get the coop ready for them.  I love some of the coops you can find online but they are way too expensive.  I am hoping to find someone local to build one for me, seeing as I am NOT handy that way.

Looking at a few different breeds but I know for sure I want some Silkies.  Off to do some more reading…


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Do you feed your pet(s) a Natura product such as California Natural,  EVO,  Healthwise,  Mother Nature Dog Biscuits or Karma Organics?  If you do, then you’ll want to start paying close attention to your product labels and your pets.  I know a lot of people were quite upset when Proctor and Gamble acquired Iams and Eukanuba in 1999 and made changes to their line of foods without notifying the public, retailers or veterinarians.  I know of many people whose animals suffered ill health due to these changes and it is a well-worn discussion in the pet circles through which I’ve traveled.  Now P & G has acquired Natura, makers of California Natural, EVO, Mother Nature Dog Biscuits, Healthwise and Karma Organics.  Check your labels if you feed any of these foods, so that you are aware of any formula changes that may occur.

Here is the press release from P & G:


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