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Oh yes, it’s going to be crazy here this week.  Not only do I have appointments every single day (except Thursday), some days I have double appointments.  Ugh.  Why do I do this to myself?  And on the week before school no less.  ((wilting))

I did manage to get most of the dogs clean and groomed this past weekend.  The husband washed Bunny (our Boxer) the week previous so she was good.  I am left with doing her nails and grooming Veda, the formerly fabulously pink Chinese Crested.  I haven’t tackled grooming her yet, as bathing her usually requires getting psyched up first.  She’s terrible in the tub.  Great with any other kind of grooming, just hideous in the tub.  You would think that after three years of baths on a regular basis she’d chill out a bit, right?  Nope.

I also have a metric ton of clothing lying around here that the kids have outgrown.  I’ve ebayed some of it, swapped some out at a nearby clothing swap store, and offered some of it online on other forums to which I belong.  The things left over need to be gone through and I need to ebay the rest of the stuff I’ve been meaning to sit down and get online (ohhhh how I dread it as it is time-consuming) and then we are donating the rest.

There is also the matter of putting away the new clothes that I got in trade for the baby’s old clothes, as they’ve been sitting in the nursery for about a week now as I’ve not had the time to sit and go through them, arrange them by size and season and then properly put them away.

Then there’s a turtle tank in need of cleaning, lots of laundry to be done, gotta get a jump on dinner so that something can be thawed out in time and gosh darn it the floors in here reeeallly need to be mopped.  I managed to sweep them this morning, but with all the kids and dogs around here, they need some attention.  Thank goodness for tile is all I can say.

Then there’s the matter of registering the older child for school and getting his supplies.  New school, whole new land for my oldest.  They do not give the supply list until the day of registration so that day will be consumed with school matters.  The thought of shopping with the two older children just makes me want to become an alcoholic so that I can dull the pain and be blissfully unaware.  I swear I have never in all my life seen two children who argue and gripe at each other more than those boys do.   I used to laugh at my sister when she would call various family members to sit with her girls as she went shopping.  She would tell me all the time there was no way she would put herself through that hell again.  I found it amusing then.

That was before I had children of my own.

Then there’s the before-school haircuts.  Oh yes, so much fun.  Everyone goes at once because I just don’t have the time to split everyone up, especially this week.  Always good for a headache and my weekly dose of embarrassment as one or both of the kids usually says something totally inappropriate.

I love my children, don’t get me wrong.  But I’m a realist.   They are going to say embarrassing things, they are going to misbehave in public, they’re going to act like unruly monkeys sometimes.  They’re kids.  I get that.  And moms have to get it all out or I honestly believe our heads will explode and we will split off into three of four different personalities.  It’s survival of the fittest in Mom Land, folks, and I’m right in the thick of it this week.


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