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I’ve not posted in a while because in addition to the business of regular life I’ve been trying to put together some online stores to sell some of my handmade, eco-friendly items. After agonizing for some time over a name I decided on EcoBeebo.  The “eco” half is pretty self-explanatory, as I am always trying to be green and eco-friendly.  The “beebo” part comes from my family’s cutesy word for “baby.”  Each and every baby has been called “the beebo.”  And since we’re all striving for a better, cleaner world for our children, EcoBeebo just seemed to fit.


Handmade Prefold Diaper


I’m still working on both stores (hyena cart and etsy), and have yet to do an actual website, but there are a few things up and I am going to be adding to them slowly and working on the appearance of both shops as I can find the time.   If there is something you are interested in that you don’t see there, you can email me and I’ll let you know whether or not I can do it for you.  I am also open for trades as I just don’t have the time or patience to deal with website design/store makeovers so if you provide that type of service and would like to trade for some mama-made wares, please email me.  🙂


Personalized Keepsake Name Pillow



I am making and selling cloth diapers, wipes, wipes holders, unpaper towels, personalized keepsake pillows, hair bow holders and more.  Items to be added in the future will include items for your pet!  So check them out and maybe you’ll find something you like!  Support work-at-home moms!

EcoBeebo on etsy

EcoBeebo on hyena cart


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So I’m revisiting the upcycled diapers post because I’m having such a good time with it.  It’s a HUGE money-saver, plus it’s fun rummaging through old things and making them new and usable again.

I came across an old super-soft sweater that I no longer wear, and thought it could make a very cute prefold diaper.  Below is the result:


Outside of upcycled prefold diaper

Inside of upcycled prefold diaper

Mr. Bear kindly modeling finished snappiable upcycled prefold diaper



How awesome is that?  And super cute, too!

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Many moms have heard of cloth diapers.  Have you ever heard of cloth wipes?  Well now you have!  Cloth wipes are definitely an eco-friendly and cost-effective option when deciding how to diaper your child.  They can be made to fit nicely into those plastic wipes containers and are reusable.  Awesome, right?

They can be made from many cute prints, materials and colors and are also great for wiping spills, cleaning dirty little hands, faces and even as a cloth alternative to paper napkins in your child’s (or your own) lunchbox.

I made these from one layer of flannel and one layer of terry cloth:

If you’re not too picky about what you use, you can always use the cheapo baby washcloths you find at the dollar store as wipes, but they’re awfully thin.  using regular-sized terry washcloths is an option but they can be a little bulky in the diaper bag.

If you’re just not all that crafty and would rather just order some online, I do take custom orders (online store is still being put together, but I can still take orders via funded paypal).  Flannel/flannel, flannel/terry, flannel/minkee in girl, boy and gender neutral colors/prints.  Just shoot me an email at peasloveandcamelot@gmail.com and we’ll see what we can whip up.  These also make great baby shower gifts!  So fun!

Next post:  Baby wipes solution!  Yes, you can make that, too!

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So I’ve been a busy bee trying to sew some diapers for my little one, and I asked myself:  “Self, I wonder if we can fashion some dipes out of some old clothes that I’ll never get my big girl self into again?”  I pondered this for a moment and as I looked through my closet, I realized there was a wealth of material in there that I could use.

The first thing I grabbed was an old shirt.  I decided to try and make a prefold.  I looove prefolds.   Prefolds are what most people think of  when they think of cloth diapers.  Prefolds were what my mom used back in the day, but earlier than that folks used whatever they had handy.   It is very possible to make yourself a diaper stash out of what you already have in your closet.

The shirt I used was made out of regular t-shirt material.  It was a very soft so it had a tendency to want to curl along the edges, but I made it work.  I cut strips out of some scrap flannel to fashion the center of the prefold.

Tah dah!  Upcycled diapers for baby!  Pretty cool, huh?

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I am very proud of myself.  I completed this wetbag.  What’s a wetbag, you ask?  A wetbag is something that cloth-diapering moms use to put soiled cloth diapers in when they are out and about, but can be used to hold wet swimsuits, gym clothes, clothes that have been spit up on by baby or maybe baby had a leaky diaper and his/her clothes got a little wet.   You can use them for pretty much anything that you don’t want touching anything else until you can get it to the wash.  Sure beats using those little plastic scented baggies!  A lot more eco-friendly, too.

I wanted to try a longer/deeper bag as I normally slide it into a crevace on the stroller and it lies across 2 bars so I needed it to be longer than the commercially-made one I found at Target.

I purchased a cute cotton print that I liked and lined it with waterproof material, added a zipper and voila!  Wetbag by moi!

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So I made up 2 batches of unpaper towels and I am very pleased with them.   I still have a stack that is waiting to be topstitched as we definitely are breezing through them.  They are very absorbent and I am pleased with the overall size.  We’ve used them for hand-drying, wiping down pretty much anything and everything, cleaning windows (they are lint-free so they are wonderful for this use) and wiping little faces.  The husband even used them for draining bacon and hamburgers!

Now I will be moving on to my next project–colored unpaper towels.   I’ve had a lot of comments and questions about the unpaper towels so I will be making up custom batches for folks who are interested.  As soon as I get a few minutes and get enough pictures up I will most likely be listing some on etsy.   I have a good deal of my own projects I have to get done first (little one needs several new diapers, have to make more unpaper towels for us, sew a wetbag) as well as figure out why my machine keeps jamming (grrr!) and then I’ll work on getting some photos and prices up.   Whew!  Someone should really see about adding some more hours in the day.  😉

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I’ve cloth diapered two children and I have truly enjoyed learning all about the different kinds of cloth diapers out there.   I’ve always longed to be able to make my own, but never really got around to it until lately.  I got a sewing machine as an early birthday present.  I’m crafty, but I’d not sewn anything on a sewing machine.  Ever.  So there I sat with it, staring at my beautiful new machine, wondering how the heck you even thread the thing.  Well wouldn’t you know it came with a DVD and I was elated when I’d correctly threaded the bobbin and the machine!  I think I updated my facebook status immediately.  🙂

That was a few weeks ago and I’ve since sewn a few cloth diapers, some wipes, a bib and unpaper towels.  Yay me!  I’m immensely enjoying it.  Each time I get a little better.  I took some better photos than the ones below but for some reason my photos aren’t uploading today so I’ll just use these:

The above photos were taken before the topstitching and elastic casing was done or the velcro added, but all in all, not a bad looking diaper.  Flannel outer, fleece inner with a pocket.  You can stuff it with prefolds, microfiber terry towels, inserts or doublers of your choice.  I don’t have any PUL (this would make it waterproof) yet so this is just a fitted, meaning it must be used with a cover.

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