Handmade Wetbag

I am very proud of myself.  I completed this wetbag.  What’s a wetbag, you ask?  A wetbag is something that cloth-diapering moms use to put soiled cloth diapers in when they are out and about, but can be used to hold wet swimsuits, gym clothes, clothes that have been spit up on by baby or maybe baby had a leaky diaper and his/her clothes got a little wet.   You can use them for pretty much anything that you don’t want touching anything else until you can get it to the wash.  Sure beats using those little plastic scented baggies!  A lot more eco-friendly, too.

I wanted to try a longer/deeper bag as I normally slide it into a crevace on the stroller and it lies across 2 bars so I needed it to be longer than the commercially-made one I found at Target.

I purchased a cute cotton print that I liked and lined it with waterproof material, added a zipper and voila!  Wetbag by moi!


Sharlee Needs A Home

Sharlee is an Intermediate Xolotizcuintli in need of a forever home or at the very least, a new foster home.  We did not know how fearful of children she was until she came to us.  We feel it is not fair to her to be in constant stress every day and that she would be better in a foster home with no children.

She is a beautiful girl, 2 years old, utd on all vaccs and preventatives, spayed and microchipped.  She is good with other dogs, loves to go on walks and prefers women though she has warmed up significantly to my husband, of whom she was also terrified when she came here a few months ago.

Anyone who might be interested or know someone who might be able to either foster Sharlee or give her a forever home, please email me at peasloveandcamelot@gmail.com for more information on this sweet girl.

Social Parade on Friday

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I love this hop.  Check it out!  😀

Friendly Friday Follow


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Check it out!  🙂

I was thrilled when I came upon these awesome lunch kits while looking for school supplies:

They’re called Fit & Fresh and they are SO cool.  There are even portion marks on the sides.  I LOVE the fact that the ice pack is thin and it fits between everything and it’s all one concise piece AND they’re BPA-free.   I was so excited about them that I bought one for the kids and one for myself.  I was determined to get rid of ziploc baggies for good.  Not only is it better for the environment to use reusable containers, it’s a big money-saver.

Then I thought of all the days I am out running errands and have to stop to feed the baby, then end up buying lunch for myself.  If I packed my own lunch, I could save SO much money, plus avoid the lure of foods that are unhealthy.   The hubs was so excited when I told him–like it’s a new thing, right?  Packing your own lunch is such a simple thing to do.   It all adds up.   All fired up to put my money-saving plan into action, I began my search for just the right lunch bag to fit this fantabulous lunch kit.

I eyeballed the really cool Built lunchbags.  They were oh-so-expensive (close to $20 a piece, some even more) but so cool.  They’re made of neoprene–the same stuff wetsuits are made of.  I found a black one with matching drink holder that snapped to it.  My new lunch kit fit perfectly, but I passed it up, hoping to find something cheaper.  Weeks went by and I just couldn’t find anything to fit this kit.  At least nothing that I felt worked for me.

Then I happened to be walking through Target today and what did I see?  The very same Built lunch bag on sale for $7.40!!!  I snatched up that sucker, came home and slid my super duper lunch kit into it and my favorite bottled water and was so thrilled.  I’m all set!

Well, I’m out of laundry soap.  Time to make some more.  Guess that halts the laundry for today, eh?  Oh darn.

I posted the recipe I use a while back.  Here is the link to the original post.  I usually try to make a new batch before the last container runs out, but with everything else that goes on around here on a daily basis, I am rarely ahead of the game on anything.

Have you tried a similar recipe?  Made up your own?  Tried several different kinds?  What have your experiences been with making your own laundry soap?

Green Blog Hop Wednesday

I tell you, I am dragging my butt this week with the blog hopping.  I did SO GOOD a few weeks ago!  Ugh!  I LOVE blog hopping!  So it’s Wednesday and time for the awesome Green Blog Hop, which is obviously one of my favorites.  Check it out and get in on the fun!

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