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Came across this neat article on recycling (or “upcycling”) those plastic Easter eggs!



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Close-up of corkboard.

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I am all for handmade gifts during the holidays (or anytime, really).  My sister enjoys doing this and I always look forward to seeing what she came up with.  This past year she made corkboards.  I am totally in need of places to tack up notes and such, so I was excited when she told me (yes, she TOLD) ahead of time what she was doing for everyone.

When I received it it was the most awesome thing.  The corkboard was made of cork, yes.  Wine corks! Knowing how my sister loves wine (she’s a member of a local wine club), I thought, “She made one of these for everyone in the family?” Seeing how many corks were on just one board,  I raised an eyebrow.  “No,” she said, “I didn’t drink all that wine.”

Whew!  So apparently you can buy wine corks.  Very cool.  Who would’ve ever thought–?  Certainly not me.  I don’t drink wine.  I hardly drink at all.  I have a wine rack and a few bottles, but those few bottles have been there a mighty long time.   I do believe my husband had them when we got married.  o_O

So anyway I now have a lovely corkboard handmade by my sister that totally beats anything you can buy at the local retail store.  Anyway, have you seen how much corkboards can cost?  Geez.   Besides, mine is way cooler and harvesting cork doesn’t harm the trees and actually helps the environment.  Bonus!

For information on how harvesting cork can benefit the environment,  go to:


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Welcome to my blog! You’ll find a little bit of everything here, but I figured I would start with an explanation of the name I chose for the blog. There will be a good deal of talk about green things, i.e. gardening, eco-friendly tips, organics (that’s where the “peas” comes in) and our family’s continuing efforts on becoming as self-sustaining as possible.

My husband and I met during a production of the play Camelot and it has been a recurring theme throughout our relationship. I am the Queen of this manor, there are little Princes and Princesses, and while I would love to say my husband plays the role of dear King Arthur or the brave Sir Lancelot, he played the role of King Arthur’s bastard son Mordred (until he was unceremoniously tossed from the cast for mooning the director :-/) and I think I am right in assuming that he would describe himself as such. I would say he is more Mr. Corporate Turned More Laid Back Mr. Corporate With Way Cooler Hair.

Love of course is what everyone strives to have in their life, and our home is no exception. Love of life, family, adventure and nature. Oh, and dogs. I love them, too, even though most days I claim to want to kill them.

Peas, love and Camelot. Everybody needs a little. I’m just sayin’. 😉

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