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Busy Day

Well so far it’s been a very busy day. I started off a tad later than normal, getting up at 6:18 am to potty our newest family member, little Miss Bunny. She is only the second dog I’ve ever observed being completely silent the first night in a new place. So far she’s been very sweet and affectionate, wanting to play and snuggle. She tolerated her first meal here and has been very good about resting in her crate.

We got a good deal of weeding done in the back, after getting the front of the property done last week. The garden is next. I have seeds ready and purchased a few plants.

The kids have cleaned the rabbit hutch and trimmed bunny nails. A few of the dogs are due baths and nail trims as well. We’ll see if I get to that today. We are going to try to get the kids out to see a sand sculpture exhibit and play at the park. Gotta love spring break. Run, run, run.


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Isy the Diva Xolo

Weeeeeellllll, I just got my cursing allotment in for this month. Confused

As many of you may know, there are just those dogs that no matter what you do, say or TRY to do, who will always find a way. Isy is one of those dogs. She is scary smart, scary strong, and just will not accept that there is anything she cannot do, have or eat. Wink

So it is normal for me to let them out to potty several times a day. I have a 6-foot wooden privacy fence and buried chain link all around, plus fenced front yard to catch wayward door-darters. I also have more than one double slider along the rear of the house so I can see into the back yard from several points in the house. I do not leave the dogs unattended for more than a few minutes (to grab a phone, to run to the bathroom myself, etc), and I am usually right there watching, bc well, they’re stinkers.

So today I had to run inside bc nature called and then I darted back outside. I see 3 of them, but this is not unusual bc Isy usually runs over to where the garden is to see if she can breach the garden , which has separate iron fencing. Rolling Eyes

Anyhoo, everyone comes running save Isy. I go to get her. What I find both infuriates and scares me to death. Apparently in those few minutes she’d gone to my side gate, which is actually a double-barricaded exit. Meaning I have black aluminum fencing AND the existing large wooden gate. Well, somehow Isy had DISLODGED the large aluminum gate and KNOCKED IT OVER (it was lying on the ground, folks) and DUG UNDER THE FENCE, gone directly for my trash cans, tore into them, grabbing this and that and dragging it back inside (thank goodness for her hoarding instinct) where she’d commenced to eating it as fast as she could. I wish I had a photo of her standing there when I’d come around the corner, the “Oh CRAP!” look on her face Shocked and the piece of paper towel hanging from her lip, whipping along in the breeze.

Shocked Shocked Shocked

I can’t believe it. We couldn’t put the chain link under the gate, so I guess I am going to have to figure something else out. For now I’ve put large walkway pavers in several rows between the gates. I can’t believe she didn’t run off somewhere. And the others dogs, too. OMG I still have visions of them running all over the neighborhood, getting run over or caught by some big dog or stolen by someone. Sad

I have had my scare for the day, thank you. What a rotten turd!!!!!! So now Miss Isy is a jailbird, looking at the world outside longingly.

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Welcome to my blog! You’ll find a little bit of everything here, but I figured I would start with an explanation of the name I chose for the blog. There will be a good deal of talk about green things, i.e. gardening, eco-friendly tips, organics (that’s where the “peas” comes in) and our family’s continuing efforts on becoming as self-sustaining as possible.

My husband and I met during a production of the play Camelot and it has been a recurring theme throughout our relationship. I am the Queen of this manor, there are little Princes and Princesses, and while I would love to say my husband plays the role of dear King Arthur or the brave Sir Lancelot, he played the role of King Arthur’s bastard son Mordred (until he was unceremoniously tossed from the cast for mooning the director :-/) and I think I am right in assuming that he would describe himself as such. I would say he is more Mr. Corporate Turned More Laid Back Mr. Corporate With Way Cooler Hair.

Love of course is what everyone strives to have in their life, and our home is no exception. Love of life, family, adventure and nature. Oh, and dogs. I love them, too, even though most days I claim to want to kill them.

Peas, love and Camelot. Everybody needs a little. I’m just sayin’. 😉

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