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I finally made it to the newest farmer’s market in our area.  It is being billed as the “Green Market” and is on Tuesday nights.  An odd time for a farmer’s market if you ask me, but it appears to be drawing quite the following.  I’d been trying to make it there for the past several weeks and finally decided that today was the day.  We do have a closer farmer’s market, but they do not offer organics.  This particular market appeared to have a pretty good selection of organic fruits and vegetables.

So along with fruits, vegetables, herbs and even orchids, there were tables with homemade breads, organic soaps and shampoos,  handmade hair accessories and clothing, sauces and even a hydroponics demo.  It was a pretty cool farmer’s market.  The produce was a bit on the pricey side as compared to larger local chain stores in the area, but I am looking forward to trying what I bought.  The middle photo constitutes my entire purchase, which totalled $17.


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So today I will be trying out a new farmer’s market.  Kinda my version of the hunter/gatherer thing, at least until the garden gets going again.  I prefer to buy local whenever possible, and if there is a farmer growing organics anywhere near me I’m there.  There’s nothing like fresh-from-the-farm produce.  I love the farmer’s market; their prices are usually quite good and their products even better.  There is a smaller one close to me, however, they do no carry much in the way of organics.  Rumor has it that the farmer’s market I am going to visit today will have some organic produce.  I hear it’s a nice one, so hopefully I will come home with some goodies.

For now I’m off to get myself ready for a Girl Power visit.  🙂  I’m meeting a dear friend for coffee and to chat a bit before heading out to the market.  She’s also an Aquarian–like myself–so there is little need for me to censor or explain myself, which is nice.  😀  It’s very important for women to get together and support each other.  It’s not the easiest thing to do especially if you have children, but it’s worth it.  It can help to relax and recharge you.   I know I could use a little of that.   I wish every day could be a Girl Power day.

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