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I was approached by one of the kids.  Normally they can be staring dead at what I am planning on cooking and still ask me what we’re having, so I braced myself for this inevitable question.   I watched as he perused the uber-thick pork chops, glistening there on the counter in all their perfectly-seasoned glory.  Complimenting them this evening would be lovely sweet peas and penne pasta in a tomato parmesan sauce.

And then it came.

“Mom, can we go to (insert popular fast food chain here)?”



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We were having a family gathering not long ago and my middle child was bouncing around and upon be-bopping past his Aunt, let one rip.  Now it goes without saying that kids will reach that magical age where farts are funny (trust me, it was long before Kindergarten), and will continue to think they’re funny no matter how many times you tell them otherwise.  So upon releasing his little gift, without missing a beat he says, “Oops, my bad.”


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