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The toxicity of household products has gotten a lot of attention in the past several years.   Many people–along with trying to remove as many chemicals from their diets as they possibly can– are also trying to eliminate potentially hazardous chemicals from their homes, too.   I remember my grandmother talking of using vinegar to clean the windows in her home.   How wonderful, I remembered thinking, to be able to get rid of the chemicals I used to clean my home!  My mother used bleach and a certain blue/green cleanser to clean everything. Oh how I remember the plethora of smells–one cleaner for the toilet, another for the countertops, yet another for the floors and canned air freshener to cover (or rather add to) it.  Bleh.

Vinegar is incredibly versatile.  Not only can you eat it, you can clean and disinfect darn near everything in your house with it and it’s incredibly inexpensive.  Bonus!  I use a mixture of white vinegar and warm water to mop the tile floors in my house, disinfect the garbage disposal, clean the windows, countertops and bathrooms.  Ever hear of using it to clean the stains from your coffee maker?  Or clean and deodorize your refrigerator?  The stuff is like magic, folks.  And best of all, it’s non-toxic. Thumbs up!

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