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So maybe you don’t think of yourself as being particularly entrenched in “going green.”  That’s ok, you can start small.  There are many things you can do every day to help, that over time will make a huge impact.

*Use re-usable kitchen towels instead of paper towels or napkins. You’ll save a crapload of trees.

*Recycle. We have a small plastic trash bin in the kitchen and it is filled nearly every day with recyclables.  It adds up quick, folks.  Most cities and towns have a regular recycling day and will provide you with bins for each type of recyclable, along with a list of what they accept and don’t accept.

*Carpool. It saves gas, money and cuts down on those nasty emissions.

*Use cloth shopping bags. Saves trees, is a better choice for the environment than the plastic alternative and some stores even give you money to use them!  Target gives you $.05 off of your total for each one that you use, regardless if it is one of theirs.

*Use non-chlorine bleach. Still cleans and disinfects, without the harm to the environment or your family.

*Use unbleached coffee filters. These are the brown ones, folks.  They are made without the use of the chemical dioxin .  They’re going to turn brown anyway, right?

*Use rechargeable batteries. Not only saves you money but helps keep heavy metals from building up in landfills.

For more ways you can help, there is a great website here.


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