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I always get excited (as I know other cd’ing moms do) when that big poofy package comes in the mail.  Today I was doubly delighted to receive both the used Blueberry covers I’d purchased from another mama off of diaperswappers as well as the new Kissaluvs I’d purchased off of ebay.  The Kissaluvs I’d received in the mail the other day were terry cloth; these are fleece and oh-so-soft.

The Blueberry covers are $16.95 each brand new.  I got these–which are in pretty good shape–for $10.00 each ppd (postage paid).   The deal on the Kissaluvs was even better, since these are brand new and I got them for $9.95 each from ebay as opposed to $13.95 each/$12.95 for unbleached as priced on Kissaluvs.com.   Sometimes you can find even better deals.  There is even a section of  diaperswappers entitled “FFS” (Free For Shipping) where all you have to pay is shipping.  You can also do outright trades with other mamas.  In this case, I used paypal funds from selling off diapers that didn’t fit any longer in order to purchase bigger sizes.   I’ve utilized the site for years.  It’s definitely worth checking out if you are considering cloth diapering your child.


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Today has been a gorgeous day.  A bit on the windy side, sunny and about 73.  So of course I’ve tried to get as much laundry done and out on the line as possible.  On a trip in from the line I noticed the mailman.  As I am expecting a few deliveries of fluffy mail, I excitedly went out to see what Mr. Mailman brought today.

And behold–a package!

It was 3 Kissaluvs fitted diapers I’d purchased from another mama.   For those not familiar with cloth diapers, fitteds–like prefolds–require a cover as they are not waterproof.  I’ve used them in the past, but each kid is different, so we’ll see how it goes this time around.  I also bought some Blueberry Coveralls (diaper covers) and am excited to try those, too.  Those haven’t arrived yet.  Can’t wait!

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