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The answer?  Nothing.


We tore everything out from last season some months ago.   The ground needs to be weeded and tilled and I need to get off my butt and figure out what I’m planting out there.   I have some things I intend to start from seed and others I think I will buy some plants that have already sprouted up a bit.

Last year’s garden was my first experience having a back yard garden since I was a kid.  Thank goodness I have some green-thumbed friends who never tire of me picking their brains!  We did get some lovely tomatoes and beans last go ’round.  Some things came up nicely, others didn’t.  I was rather disappointed that my yellow squash never got past the baby stage.  It ended up with a nasty fungus.  Poor squashies.  😦

My cucumbers never did develop, either, save one that looked so much like a watermelon I thought that’s what it was until I sliced it open.  The watermelon and canteloupes didn’t do anything, but I had beautiful okra and pole beans.  The tomatoes were plentiful and delicious!

The following are a few photos from last season:


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