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I’ve not posted in a while because in addition to the business of regular life I’ve been trying to put together some online stores to sell some of my handmade, eco-friendly items. After agonizing for some time over a name I decided on EcoBeebo.  The “eco” half is pretty self-explanatory, as I am always trying to be green and eco-friendly.  The “beebo” part comes from my family’s cutesy word for “baby.”  Each and every baby has been called “the beebo.”  And since we’re all striving for a better, cleaner world for our children, EcoBeebo just seemed to fit.


Handmade Prefold Diaper


I’m still working on both stores (hyena cart and etsy), and have yet to do an actual website, but there are a few things up and I am going to be adding to them slowly and working on the appearance of both shops as I can find the time.   If there is something you are interested in that you don’t see there, you can email me and I’ll let you know whether or not I can do it for you.  I am also open for trades as I just don’t have the time or patience to deal with website design/store makeovers so if you provide that type of service and would like to trade for some mama-made wares, please email me.  🙂


Personalized Keepsake Name Pillow



I am making and selling cloth diapers, wipes, wipes holders, unpaper towels, personalized keepsake pillows, hair bow holders and more.  Items to be added in the future will include items for your pet!  So check them out and maybe you’ll find something you like!  Support work-at-home moms!

EcoBeebo on etsy

EcoBeebo on hyena cart


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So I made up 2 batches of unpaper towels and I am very pleased with them.   I still have a stack that is waiting to be topstitched as we definitely are breezing through them.  They are very absorbent and I am pleased with the overall size.  We’ve used them for hand-drying, wiping down pretty much anything and everything, cleaning windows (they are lint-free so they are wonderful for this use) and wiping little faces.  The husband even used them for draining bacon and hamburgers!

Now I will be moving on to my next project–colored unpaper towels.   I’ve had a lot of comments and questions about the unpaper towels so I will be making up custom batches for folks who are interested.  As soon as I get a few minutes and get enough pictures up I will most likely be listing some on etsy.   I have a good deal of my own projects I have to get done first (little one needs several new diapers, have to make more unpaper towels for us, sew a wetbag) as well as figure out why my machine keeps jamming (grrr!) and then I’ll work on getting some photos and prices up.   Whew!  Someone should really see about adding some more hours in the day.  😉

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