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Sharlee is an Intermediate Xolotizcuintli in need of a forever home or at the very least, a new foster home.  We did not know how fearful of children she was until she came to us.  We feel it is not fair to her to be in constant stress every day and that she would be better in a foster home with no children.

She is a beautiful girl, 2 years old, utd on all vaccs and preventatives, spayed and microchipped.  She is good with other dogs, loves to go on walks and prefers women though she has warmed up significantly to my husband, of whom she was also terrified when she came here a few months ago.

Anyone who might be interested or know someone who might be able to either foster Sharlee or give her a forever home, please email me at peasloveandcamelot@gmail.com for more information on this sweet girl.


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Isy the Diva Xolo

Weeeeeellllll, I just got my cursing allotment in for this month. Confused

As many of you may know, there are just those dogs that no matter what you do, say or TRY to do, who will always find a way. Isy is one of those dogs. She is scary smart, scary strong, and just will not accept that there is anything she cannot do, have or eat. Wink

So it is normal for me to let them out to potty several times a day. I have a 6-foot wooden privacy fence and buried chain link all around, plus fenced front yard to catch wayward door-darters. I also have more than one double slider along the rear of the house so I can see into the back yard from several points in the house. I do not leave the dogs unattended for more than a few minutes (to grab a phone, to run to the bathroom myself, etc), and I am usually right there watching, bc well, they’re stinkers.

So today I had to run inside bc nature called and then I darted back outside. I see 3 of them, but this is not unusual bc Isy usually runs over to where the garden is to see if she can breach the garden , which has separate iron fencing. Rolling Eyes

Anyhoo, everyone comes running save Isy. I go to get her. What I find both infuriates and scares me to death. Apparently in those few minutes she’d gone to my side gate, which is actually a double-barricaded exit. Meaning I have black aluminum fencing AND the existing large wooden gate. Well, somehow Isy had DISLODGED the large aluminum gate and KNOCKED IT OVER (it was lying on the ground, folks) and DUG UNDER THE FENCE, gone directly for my trash cans, tore into them, grabbing this and that and dragging it back inside (thank goodness for her hoarding instinct) where she’d commenced to eating it as fast as she could. I wish I had a photo of her standing there when I’d come around the corner, the “Oh CRAP!” look on her face Shocked and the piece of paper towel hanging from her lip, whipping along in the breeze.

Shocked Shocked Shocked

I can’t believe it. We couldn’t put the chain link under the gate, so I guess I am going to have to figure something else out. For now I’ve put large walkway pavers in several rows between the gates. I can’t believe she didn’t run off somewhere. And the others dogs, too. OMG I still have visions of them running all over the neighborhood, getting run over or caught by some big dog or stolen by someone. Sad

I have had my scare for the day, thank you. What a rotten turd!!!!!! So now Miss Isy is a jailbird, looking at the world outside longingly.

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